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COVID-19: The Transformation Revolution

Dear Friends,

In this time of transition, we are charged with remembering our collective Oneness. Separation is the myth that brought us to the brink of worldwide disaster. Events in China – and everywhere else –

really do have an impact on America. We are not separate. Acknowledging our interdependence is essential to our survival as a species. Oneness of mind and purpose is vital to our evolution. And, a fuller understanding of our connection to ALL things, especially and including the planet that is our home, will restore the fullness of our shared humanity.

Working together, as we must, will move us beyond this pandemic that threatens the core of our collective and individual identity. An embrace of mutualism where our interests are shared as a positive world position, will usher in a new wisdom: We are humans with LIVES THAT ARE EQUAL IN VALUE. The virus does not discriminate, nor should we.

Fear, the root of the mythology of separation, can only be countered with its opposite – LOVE. It is the centerpiece of our existence. Love is a choice that requires vulnerability. A strength not a weakness, vulnerability, thrives when shame and blame are abandoned. It opens us to the DIVINE within. And, despite the objections and judgements of others, it allows us to be ALL that we are, pushing through to our higher consciousness. Acting otherwise – inauthentically – hiding our true selves behind masks and armor, is too heavy and too burdensome! We’re meant to open ourselves to the wisdom of UNIVERSAL GUIDANCE, the true knower.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, many artists, myself included, immersed ourselves in meditation and yogic practices that fostered inclusive connections. Within those experiences, we made the choice to rise above the hierarchal layers that existed then (and now) that locked us into a competitiveness that is contrary to our true nature. Our friendships were relational rather than transactional. The real competition is ALWAYS internal.

We are called to be the highest version of ourselves. Releasing our inhibitions and operating in full-out FREE SPIRIT mode was the order of the day during the transformational 1960’s and 1970’s. For those of us who were activists back then, the mission was clear: Make the world a better place – for EVERYONE. Let’s revisit the LOVE and TRANSFORMATION REVOLUTION. Now is the time!


Dr. M

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