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We Are One - race, the human race!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Dear Friends,

Our ancestors knew how to plan for difficult moments such as these – as their lives were filled with them. We'll get through this just as they did, with cultural inclusion, strategic planning and communal LOVE. Yes, we must strike a balance between social distancing and connection; and, as a platform for isolation – technology is KING! These communal platforms keep us engaged, and within them, we are blessed to be able to be with one another! I have participated in numerous webinars, Zoom conferences, chats, and the like. Learning the new normal communication platforms, has been quite inspirational. I send a great big thank you to those with whom I have found solace, inspiration, elucidation and pure joy! Those interactions have been God Sent!

Self-care is another issue: We MUST take good care of our overall health – spirit, mind and body. Meditation opens us up to inner guidance. The angels within speak through the intuitive voice, the GOD voice – the gut. Engage and allow it to move you through to the LIGHT of understanding and action or inaction – as appropriate. LISTEN with a sense of inner quietude: The inner voice is the ultimate arbiter that knows all that we do not. We must also pray for receptivity and guidance. Do not doubt. Find ways of creating and accepting JOY. Laughter builds endorphins that have all kinds of healthful benefits. Share your JOY with others. Take a look:

BE in a state of GRATITUDE for ALL THAT IS; yes, even this moment. We’re alive; and that places us in the position to start anew, at any minute. Shift into openness. For when we relax from fear, letting it move through us, we open ourselves to Blessings. Painful though it may be, spiritual rebalancing was inevitable. Worldwide, the human species is starkly out of balance, with inequality widening to obscene levels – unsustainable by any measure. In this DIVINE moment, we have a chance to reset GLOBALLY into a mode of reconnection, holistic healing, and evolution! Stay attuned to YOUR spiritual guidance. WE ARE ONE!

Sending LOVE to ALL!

Dr. M

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1 Comment

Aug 20, 2020

Marguerite, This article reminded me of the blessings I have gained during this pandemic. Prayer, meditation, gratitude, on-line connections and much laughter put me beyond feeling isolated and enabled me to feel peace.

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